Part 3: Research Your Contaminant

MAC also known as maximum acceptable concentrations is the concentration rate of toxicity to keep water safe for both consumption and water life. Another acronym for MAC is also MATC.



All Acronyms. 2016. MATC – Maximum Acceptable Toxicant Concentration. Retrieved January 19, 2016, from


The contaminant that was found in the experiment was Barium and its MAC  of barium in our drinking water is 1.0 mg per 100 ml. The source of this contaminant are usually from waste/spills and industrial usage. Barium enter the water cycle dissolving into bodies of water such as lakes and rivers. Barium stays in water and soil but it can enter the human body through eating, drinking and breathing. Then it enters our bloodstream and most of it gets removed from urine or waste. The rest of the barium remains in our bones. Although little consumption of barium is alright, if large amount of barium get ingested there will be a high risk of cardiovascular disease. Barium is also toxic to water-life such as fish and water plants as it is to humans.


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